Checklist With Alcohol

Checklist for events at the Formosa Lions & Lionesses Park & Campground

For events with alcohol in the pavilion.

Before your event.

  • Ask for the keys and visit the park so that you can check out exactly what is in the park and the pavilion. During the week is a good time for this. The park rarely has events during the week but contact us before you arrive.
  • For Full Park bookings, have you returned the contract and paid your deposit?
  • If there will be music then be sure you understand the Socan and Re-sound fee requirements.
  • Be sure that you understand the information on page 4 of the contract for delivery of the required documents to the Formosa Lions and the Municipality of South Bruce.
  • Be sure that you understand the insurance and liquor licence (Special Occasion Permit) requirements and have enough time to obtain your liquor licence and insurance. Be sure that you will have enough bartenders with Smart Serve certificates.
  • You may wish to notify the police and fire department of your event. You should check the requirements of your Special Occasion Permit, Insurance Policy and the Municipal Alcohol Policy. Most events, including those with alcohol in the pavilion, do not require a security presence but you are responsible for finding out whether or not your event requires a security presence and making all arrangements as necessary.
  • If you will be serving food, have you arranged to supply everything you will need including people to cook and serve the food as necessary?
  • Have you made all necessary arrangements for decoration of the pavilion and/or the tables if required.
  • Find out whether there will be an event on the day following your event as this may affect the time available for cleanup the following morning.
  • Have you arranged to supply everything necessary for cleaning during your event and for cleaning up after your event? Some things may be available at the park, other things may not be.

During your event.

  • Is your liquor licence in place on the pinboard in the bar?
  • Is your insurance certificate in place on the pinboard in the bar?
  • Do your bartenders have their Smart Serve certificate with them?

If there is a certificate on the pinboard from a previous event, please do not dispose of it as certificates/receipts are required when returning any unused alcohol to the LCBO.

If you are serving food in the pavilion.

  • Are any extension hydro cables needed if cooking appliances are to be used on additional tables?
  • Have you provided sufficient plates/knives/forks/spoons/napkins etc? Most patrons choose to provide disposable plates/knives/forks/spoons/cups etc but it is up to you what you use.
  • If hot beverages such as tea/coffee are to be served, please be sure that you provide enough suitable cups or containers which can withstand the temperature of the beverage.

After your event.

  • Have you left the park and the pavilion as you found it?
  • Has all garbage been properly placed for disposal?
  • Have you returned the keys?
  • Have you booked next year if this is a yearly event?