Please click here to download the Contract (pdf)

This is a pdf which will require a pdf viewer. On a Windows PC I recommend Nitro pdf.

Please print, complete and return the signed contract as necessary. Addresses are on the Contact Addresses page. If alcohol will not be present in the pavilion at your event then you need only send a signed copy of the contract to the Formosa Lions.

Please be sure that the version of the contract you complete is either the current version (2018-3-24) or the previous version (2016-7-1). Earlier versions are no longer acceptable.

The contract is for full park bookings only. For other types of event it may not be necessary to return a contract but please note that a full park booking is the only option if alcohol will be present in the pavilion at any time during your event.

Please make sure that your event is on the Calendar. All expected events are listed on the Calendar.

If you nave any questions please contact

Telephone numbers are on the Contact Addresses page.

Priority is given to patrons for the current year when booking dates for the following year. If you wish to book a date for the following year then, if necessary, we will first contact this year’s patron to find out whether or not they are booking a repeat event in the following year. Please check the calendar. Absence of a date on the calendar does not guarantee availability of that date for booking. Please contact

We no longer send out contracts by postal mail but may do so in exceptional circumstances. Please contact You can collect a copy in person if you wish if you live near Formosa.