General Information

Use of the Formosa Lions & Lionesses Park & Campground

  • If you were looking for the park booking calendar then please see this page. which has a list of all events in the park with the next event at the top of the list.
  • Rental information and fees can be found on the Rental Fees page.
    Contact information and telephone numbers are on the Contact Addresses page.
    Please read the Conditions Of Contract We also have a Checklist for events with alcohol and a Checklist for events with no alcohol. Enquiries and booking requests can be emailed to
  • In order to confirm your park date we would appreciate that you return the contract and your deposit (cheque) as soon as possible. Please make cheques payable to Formosa Lions (except Socan and Re-sound fee – see below). No post-dated cheques please.
  • The park is located at 206 Council Road, Formosa, ON, N0G 1W0. Fire Number is 206.
  • The maximum capacity of the pavilion is approximately 200 people. There are 30 tables and each table can accommodate between 6 and 8 people. An additional 4 collapsible tables (eight feet by two and a half feet each) are available. These can be used for serving food.
  • The maximum number of serviced camp sites available is 28 but we do not advise attempting to use more than 24 sites at one time. There are sixteen 30 Amp hydro outlets, eight 20 Amp outlets and four 15 Amp outlets. There are no sewage disposal facilities.
  • There is no booking or other attendant at the park full time but the park is checked daily. Bookings cannot be made at the park. If you are camping and are not part of a full booking event then you should have contacted us and paid in advance. Payment on the day may be acceptable in some circumstances.
  • There is no numbering or other identification for individual camp sites. We do not allocate specific camp sites to specific campers. You can choose any available camp site when you arrive at the park on a first come first served basis.
  • It is possible that there will be an event at the park on the day after your event. Please check with us at the time or check the calendar. In this case the park maintenance people would like the kitchen and bar vacated by 9AM in the morning after your event so that they have time to make sure that they are ready for the next booking by 11AM. If you have guests camping overnight please ensure that they vacate the park by 11AM in the morning after your event.
  • If music is provided at your event, whether it is disc jockey or live band, a Socan fee (currently $71.74 including tax) and a Re-sound fee (currently $30.09 including tax) must be paid. These fees are over and above the money paid for the disk jockey or band. A cheque for these fees (total $101.83) must be made out to the Municipality of South Bruce or you can pay cash. The Lions will be happy to forward your Socan and Re-sound payments to the Municipality if you wish. If you wish to send your cheque directly to the municipality, please be sure to explain that you are paying Socan and Resound fees for music at the Lion’s park in Formosa and give your name and the date of the event.
  • Most events at the park do not require a security presence but patrons are responsible for finding out whether or not their event requires a security presence and making all arrangements as necessary. If alcohol will be present in the pavilion then be sure that you comply with all terms and conditions of your Special Occasion Permit, The Municipal Alcohol Policy and your Insurance Policy. Patrons are responsible for notifying the relevant authorities if this is required by any of the Municipality, the LCBO or their Insurance Company.
  • When the date for your event is near, please contact us with any questions you may have. We will tell you where you can pick up the keys for the pavilion and rest rooms. Please pay the balance of the contract and any other fees (e.g. Socan) when picking up the keys. You can return the keys to the same location after your event.
  • You are NOT automatically guaranteed to get the same dates for the following year unless those dates are already shown as booked in your name on the calendar listing. An online search for formosa lions park calendar will find the listing. If your event in the park repeats every year then rebooking requests for subsequent years must be confirmed in writing on paper (not email) and you should book as soon as possible. Repeating events must book at least two years in advance to avoid the possibility of losing dates to someone else. Repeating events are advised to book five years in advance if possible. A deposit is only required one year in advance. Full bookings must be covered by a deposit if today’s date is within one year of the booking. If we are unable to contact you within 6 months of a full booking and if you haven’t paid the deposit then the booking may be removed from the calendar.
  • Please make sure, in advance of your event, that the park and the pavilion have everything you will need for your event. You are responsible for providing anything and everything which is needed by your event but which is not already present in the park or the pavilion. Check that the kitchens have everything you need.
  • The park is accessible to the general public at all times. You are responsible for the security of your own personal items while using the park. Please note also that depending on the type of booking, you may have exclusive use of the camp sites and the Pavilion and Kitchen/Bar but the park is still open to the general public. Members of the public cannot be excluded from the park grounds, even if you have a full booking. It is not unusual for members of the public to use the path through the centre of the park.
  • Please leave the pavilion and grounds in a clean state.
  • Nothing in this document is intended as or should be taken as legal advice. If you require legal advice of any kind including advice on the legal requirements for insurance, liquor licensing or security at any type of event then you should consult a lawyer and/or the relevant authorities.
  • The information on this site is provided to assist patrons with the process of renting the park but it may not always reflect the latest rules of the Municipality, the LCBO or other relevant authorities. In case of any conflict with the information on this site, the current rules of the Municipality, the LCBO or any other relevant authority must be followed. Patrons are responsible for complying with current rules and regulations. If alcohol will be present at your event then please make sure you understand the current alcohol and insurance rules. If in doubt please contact the municipality.
  • The Formosa Lions reserves the right to reserve the park for its own events but shall provide a minimum of 6 months notice to anyone renting the park. This is not expected to affect non-yearly events which have been booked one year or more in advance.

Thank you for holding your event at the Formosa Lions & Lionesses Park. We hope you return. We look forward to working with you and hope that your event is a memorable one.