Conditions Of Contract

Formosa Lions & Lionesses Park Conditions Of Contract

  • Condition 1. No-Sale of alcohol and no advertising:
    You must not sell alcohol in the pavilion or the park.
    You must not make a profit from the sale of alcohol.
    You must not advertise the event to the general public.
    If you do intend to do any of the above then this contract does not apply. The event may still be possible, but if so then the Formosa Lions will make special arrangements. The Formosa Lions reserve the right to refuse the event.

  • Condition 2. Insurance: The Municipality of South Bruce requires a minimum of $5,000,000.00 (Five million dollars) Lessee Liability Insurance for all events which have alcohol on Municipal property (in this case the Pavilion in the Formosa Lions Park), in accordance with the Municipal Alcohol Policy. All events requiring a no-sale Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO must be covered by 3rd party liability insurance. You must obtain this insurance yourself. Your home insurance company may be able to provide it or they will assist you with obtaining it. The Formosa Lions and the Municipality of South Bruce must be named as additional insured on the policy.  A copy of the insurance certificate and/or a letter confirming coverage is required by both the Formosa Lions and the Municipality of South Bruce no later than two weeks before the event. Although the Formosa Lions require a copy of your insurance policy, the Formosa Lions do not check or validate that you have correct or sufficient insurance.

  • Condition 3. Special Occasion Permit (Liquor Licence): No alcoholic beverages shall be brought into or consumed in the pavilion unless under LCBO permit and in accordance with the LCBO regulations and the Municipal Alcohol Policy. When alcohol is present then the Special Occasion Permit and the purchase, delivery and return of all alcohol are the responsibility of the lessee. Only the liquor, wine and beer purchased under the licence shall be served on the Pavilion premises.

  • Condition 4. The Municipal Alcohol Policy: For events with alcohol in the pavilion you must read and understand the Municipal Alcohol Policy and comply with all terms and conditions set out in the policy. Please search for “south bruce municipal alcohol policy” and/or contact the Municipality to make sure you have the most recent information.

  • Condition 5. The Formosa Lions Alcohol Policy: For events with alcohol in the pavilion the Formosa Lions do not permit alcohol to be sold, either to invited guests or to the general public. When alcohol is present in the pavilion you must have a “No-Sale” Special Occasion Permit for a private event in the pavilion, not the entire park, from the LCBO. The Special Occasion Permit for the pavilion is not hard to obtain and is not expensive. We have many such licenced events each year. Please contact the Mildmay LCBO (519-367-5608) if you need further advice as the park is located within the Municipality of South Bruce, Carrick side. As of 1st April 2018 you must apply for your Special Occasion Permit online. Patrons are advised to apply at least 30 days before their event.

You must hire at least one member of the Formosa Lions as a bartender. The Formosa Lions reserve the right to require that all bartenders are Formosa Lions members. We can provide a list of potential bartenders on request. The Lessee is responsible for making arrangements with bartenders. Formosa Lions Bartenders will charge $20 per hour. All bartenders must have smart serve certificates available for inspection at the event.

You must attach your original Special Occasion Permit and Insurance Policy to the pinboard in the bar in pavilion before any alcohol is served.

No-one shall bring alcohol into the pavilion unless it was purchased by the lessee under the Special Occasion Permit. Personal alcohol must not be brought into the pavilion under any circumstances. Campers must not carry alcohol from camp sites into the pavilion. Alcohol must not be carried out of the designated pavilion and washroom area during the event. The boundary is clearly marked.

The Formosa Lions reserve the right to close the bar and/or vacate the premises at any time, should the conditions of the contract be violated.

We cannot release keys to the pavilion for an event with alcohol if the necessary documents have not been received by both the Formosa Lions and the Municipality of South Bruce.

  • Condition 6. “NO Minors” Events: The Municipality of South Bruce and the Formosa Lions reserve the right to designate any event held in the park as a “NO Minors” event. Where persons under the age of 19 are permitted (E.g. Wedding reception) they are not to be served and are not to consume any alcoholic beverages.

  • Condition 7. Security: The Formosa Lions reserve the right to require a security presence at your event.

  • Condition 8. Food and catering: Any catering services and/or food vendors hired by the lessee must comply with the Grey Bruce Public Health Special Event requirements. If this is a private event with personally invited guests then the lessee does not need to complete a special event application.

  • Condition 9. Inspection: The Formosa Lions reserve the right to make a discreet inspection during any event in the park or the pavilion to make sure that all relevant conditions are complied with. Other organisations or authorities such as the LCBO or the Municipality of South Bruce may make inspections of events under their own rules if they wish to do so.

  • Condition 10. Property damages: The lessee shall be responsible for any lost/stolen property and/or any damages done to the rented facility during the event.

  • Condition 11. Lost or Stolen Articles: The Formosa Lions Club and/or the Municipality of South Bruce shall NOT be responsible for any items or articles that the Lessee, guests or patrons may bring into the park or the pavilion or leave therein at any time.

  • Condition 12. Set up/Decoration: If there is no other rental or use of the facility the day before the event, the lessee may set up or decorate the day before the event from 11AM. Sometimes access may be available when there is no event in the days leading up to your event. Please contact us.

  • Condition 13. Smoking & Vaping: Smoking and/or Vaping of any substance is not permitted in the pavilion. Smoking and/or Vaping of any substance is also not permitted within 20 metres of the adjacent playground area.

  • Condition 14. Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted in the park.

  • Condition 15. The law: Nothing shall be permitted to be done or displayed in the park, the pavilion or any part of the premises which is contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada or any Provincial or Municipal Act, By-Law or Regulation.

  • Condition 16. Liability: The Formosa Lions Club and/or the Municipality of South Bruce shall NOT be responsible or liable for any injuries, accidents or loss of property to the lessee or to other persons.

  • Condition 17. Access: All exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times. The park gates to Council Rd must not be closed or obstructed at any time. Members of the public cannot be excluded from the park grounds, even if you have a full booking. It is not unusual for members of the public to use the path through the centre of the park.

  • Condition 18. Shutting Down: The serving of all alcoholic beverages and any amplified music MUST be shut down at 1:00 AM sharp. All persons must be vacated from the pavilion by 2:00 AM along with all lessee’s property.

  • Condition 19. Cleaning up: The lessee shall be responsible for the cleanup of the kitchens, bar and public area of the pavilion as well as the removal of all garbage and clearing off all tables. If tables were removed from the pavilion they must be put back. The lessee will receive an invoice for extra cleaning charges if extra cleanup is necessary.

  • Condition 20. Cancellation: The contract may be cancelled by either party with 30 days written notice. In the event that either party is unable to meet the terms of the contract because of natural disasters or other causes beyond their control, neither party will be liable, and both will make the best efforts to agree on how to proceed.